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You may have seen the news that Deltatre - one of the most prominent and experienced technology companies in the world of live sports - has acquired Massive. It’s an exciting new chapter for the company I joined as Global Chief Revenue Officer and I wanted to write down a few thoughts on what I think it means for the industry at large. 

OTT is still young and dynamic. While the concept of watching video via IP and across multiple devices is no longer foreign, service providers around the globe still struggle to answer fundamental questions like:

  • How do I reduce my cost of ownership?
  • How can I keep eyeballs on screens and drive revenue?
  • How do I evolve my offering in real-time and keep pace with the market?
  • How can I scale to new markets and technologies quickly?
  • How do I better understand my customers and use these insights to guide my business strategy?
  • How can I cater for live events that attract millions of concurrent viewers?
  • How do I compete with Netflix?

For the last twenty-two years, our focus has been on helping our clients answer these questions – the result of which was the creation of our targeted user experience management platform, Massive AXIS, which is used by video providers worldwide to reach billions of end users every day. And now, with our acquisition by Deltatre, we’re excited to take our efforts of transforming the way the world consumes entertainment to the next level.

Together both companies have a combined experience of over fifty years in broadcast. Our client list includes the likes of UEFA, AT&T, FIFA, the BBC, NFL, Telecine, DAZN and Sony, plus many more besides. The collective understanding of both businesses on how to deploy, run and monetize video services is second to none, while our combined product portfolio means that we are better positioned to serve all aspects of our client’s businesses – from content production and network operations to service delivery, system integration and user experience.

Of course, the primary focus of the team at Massive, as always, will be on building the world’s most cutting-edge multi-screen experiences across live and on-demand content. The only difference is that now we have the global footprint and scale to better target, service and support all businesses where video is centric across the globe.

If you would like to read the full press release, please visit this link: https://blog.massive.co/deltatre-acquires-massive-interactive

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