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After joining Massive all the way back in 2010, it didn’t take long for me to learn that Massive was on a mission to conquer the world of online video. Looking back, if I’m honest, we weren’t quite ready to take it on. But through relentless reinvestment in our technology, a global diaspora of the management team and, of course, weaving a fanatical obsession of the industry through our company culture, it didn’t take long for us to begin aggressively pursuing our goal. 

There was pain, of course. Every RFP we could find offered another opportunity for us to learn what drove our customers, how we could effectively measure our success against their own. All of our understanding culminated in the launch of Massive AXIS, our targeted user experience platform, in 2015 at IBC.

AXIS has underpinned Massive’s growth since its launch, becoming the industry standard of how entertainment providers control, manage and evolve and their OTT services in real-time. Its business model has been revolutionary in the UX industry, driving an indisputable trend of clients looking to buy high-spec, flexible solution that offers real-time control of the front-end across devices, coupled with a suite of cutting-edge reference applications.

 You may have already read that Massive has been acquired by Deltatre – one of the most prominent and experienced technology companies in the world of live sport – bringing our combined family size to around 1,000 employees across 18 locations. Given what Massive has achieved as an independent vendor, the sky is the limit for what comes next with Massive’s technology in its new home.

There is a lot to be excited about. 

Deltatre counts many big names within its client roster – FIFA, UEFA, ATP and NFL, to name a few. In an industry defined by the consolidation of clients and vendors, and the maturation of the market, scale is the key word. Massive and Deltatre, as a combined force, are incredibly well placed to capitalize on the new market opportunities and further their leadership position. As OTT has matured and taken center stage within many operators as a key revenue generator, the ask of vendors in terms of sophistication, scale and reliability grows exponentially. Only large, consolidated vendors can offer the best solutions for video entertainment.

Clients increasingly need built-for-scale, integrated solutions that guarantee a great end user experience, while simultaneously securing revenue streams as audiences move away from traditional broadcast. Massive and Deltatre now count themselves amongst the largest independent vendors in the OTT space with what we feel is easily the most comprehensive, end-to-end product suite and growth opportunity.

Regarding technology, it will be a game-changer for Massive to gain ready access to Diva, Deltatre’s video product workflow and real-time synchronous interactive video player. We are as excited to use Diva in personalized, AXIS-driven experiences for sports, as we are to bring it to Massive’s live entertainment vertical, which includes news, politics and reality TV.

 Similarly, we are excited to integrate with Deltatre’s Forge CMS. Managing sports content is no easy task, and having access to Forge to drive data within AXIS means that we are better able to bring hyper-personalized experiences rapidly to market. Without question, this is something that we feel will make a lot of existing and future clients very happy. 

Having found a like-minded team in Deltatre, we’re excited to continue driving innovation within AXIS for clients old and new. We’re equally enthusiastic to be on a new journey that will see our roadmap progressively aligned with Deltatre’s solutions. In the end, we look forward to taking to market an all-encompassing video product and services powerhouse.

Bring it on.

If you would like to read the full press release, please visit this link: https://blog.massive.co/deltatre-acquires-massive-interactive


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