The National Association of Broadcasters (“NAB”) is back in Las Vegas next week, bringing together over one-hundred thousand video professionals under a single roof to showcase the latest developments in broadcast technology, future-gaze on upcoming trends (is Apple TV Plus going to change the game?) and reconnect with industry colleagues from around the world.

One word to describe our mood? Excited.

We’ll be sending out a Massive delegation to attend our booth (SU10210CM, in case you were wondering…) this year to present the newest features and functionalities from our targeted UX platform, Massive AXIS, and the trip is made all the sweeter by the fact that we’ll be joined by our new teammates from Deltatre. Find some time to stop by if you want to learn what we’ve been cooking together over the last 6 months. We’ve got the coffee covered.

In case you needed any more reasons to say hello at NAB, here’s three more we prepared earlier.

#1. Targeted UX: The Key to Unlocking OTT Growth

There is a ton of data out there that shows good UX increases conversion and that it is a high priority for operators. Here are a few:

But ‘fixing’ your UX once every few years is no longer enough. Regular investment is required to keep ahead of shifting trends and consumer expectations, resulting in budgeting challenges for internal teams that are spread thin across competing priorities.

Sound familiar? Well, we have an answer. And its name is Massive AXIS. Either stop by our booth to learn more, or head over to SU11621 at 2:00pm on Tuesday 9th and listen to our SVP Product, Dominic De Lorenzo, give a talk on this exact subject. Here are the details.

#2. Android TV Taking the Industry by Storm

99 million – that’s the number Rethink Research peg to the unique Android TV devices that will be in action globally by 2022. Ask industry executives and the sentiment backs up the numbers. 72% of pay-TV professionals expect it to be the market-leading platform by 2025.

Truly, the Google-powered platform is here to stay.

And for a good reason. Content owners that deploy their TV service across the device not only benefit from the use of Android’s underlying ecosystem –  like offering users easy access to 4,000 apps from the Google Play store or out-of-the-box Google Assistant support – but retain the ability to ‘skin’ the service with their own unique characteristics and brand.

So, if you’re looking for speed to market, next-gen UX functionality, and lower running costs, Android TV is the way to go. And if you want to see it in action at NAB, there are a couple of options available to you: 

  • Head on over to the Android TV booth (SU218) where Massive will be represented for the duration of the show.
  • Stop by the Massive stand and see a demo of our Operator Tier reference application and latest deployment from a Tier 1 APAC operator.

#3. Moving Beyond the Analytics Dashboard

We all know the importance of capturing audience data. From what an individual has watched, to how long they’ve spent on a service, to their point of exit – building enriched user profiles and getting a handle on the trends occurring with an OTT platform is critical helping define ongoing strategy.

But with the amount of data collected by operators growing exponentially every year, there is still friction around how to put that data into practice. Here’s an example.

You own the rights to a major soccer tournament and in your CRM each user is tagged with the team they’re most interested in. Creating a unique experience for the fans of each team – from surfaced content to upsell promotions to look and feel – will result in higher engagement, less churn, more revenue. But designing and coding a bespoke home page for twenty teams is a serious investment, not to mention the shelf-life is, at best, the length of a season.

What you need is a UX platform, one that enables non-technical product operators to draw insights from an analytics or CRM system and deploy targeted experiences in real-time, across devices.

Only then will you truly be in a position to win the heart and minds in the TV battleground (which conveniently is the title of a panel our Global Chief Revenue Officer, Chip Canter, will be speaking on this Monday at 12:00pm. You should check it out…)

See you at NAB!

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