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There are constants and variables in any business. For us, our constants have been the focus on people, our craft, values and the need to continually evolve as a business. Our rapidly shifting landscape of technology, consumer expectation and market conditions ensure there are always variables that need to be accounted for.

It’s been our continued focus on these constants that have seen us grow from a small team of five based in Sydney, Australia, to a company that employs over four hundred talented individuals representing 52 nations across the globe.

Last week, my co-founder Ron Downey and I are excited to announce that we have turned the page on the next exciting chapter in Massive history, one that sees us joining the Deltatre family.

In Deltatre, we have found a business that is one of the most prominent and experienced technology companies in the world of live sport, the ideal partner to help accelerate our global growth strategy and offering. Working with some of the world’s biggest sports leagues, including FIFA, UEFA and IAAF, their experience in servicing large-scale, live consumer events is unparalleled and our combined footprint will see 1,000 staff working across 18 locations worldwide.

As a company, Massive will continue to operate as an independent entity. Our clients, staff and partners can all continue to rely on the company they have come to know and trust over the last two decades - only now we have greater capability and resource to target, service and support the needs of our customers globally.

Massive’s focus, as it has been since the beginning, remains on those constants that are so important to us, however we also excited to be taking new steps on our new journey.

If you would like to read the full press release, please visit this link: https://blog.massive.co/deltatre-acquires-massive-interactive


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