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72% of viewers cite personalisation as 'important' to their viewing experience. That's according to a poll we conducted with thousands of OTT viewers in the US and the UK. You can download the full report here.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. As an industry, we know that viewers want an experience that's tailored to their interests, behaviours and habits. It's no longer enough to offer a "one-size-fits-all" service and hope that consumers stick around. There's just too much choice out there to risk not delighting fans at every click or swipe.

Yet even with this knowledge, a surprisingly small number of OTT operators successfully can deliver personalised experiences at scale, and in real-time. Yes, they have the data, but lack the tools to put it to good use. Understanding insights is one thing; having the platform to put them to action something else entirely.

In this presentation, Massive's SVP Product, Dominic De Lorenzo, shares his thoughts on what it takes to connect the 'data dots' to drive targeted experiences and the potential uplift that stands to be captured by operators who invest in the right technology. Have a watch. 👇

Dominic NAB Presentation

Specifically, Dom speaks about: 

  • Making incremental, strategic technology decisions that provide a smarter, faster edge over the competition and meet the expectations of increasingly discerning customers.
  • Leveraging existing audience data to drive more personalised video experiences – and moving beyond the analytics dashboard and transforming insights into reality.
  • Empowering product, content and marketing teams to rapidly iterate on ideas and opportunities to drive user growth and retention.
  • Reducing operational costs and TOC without compromising security and scalability.

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